Nov 232012

Via The Grinch Who Stole Cascadia at Barley Mowat. Read the rest of the article as per this link. Ugh, sooo sad…

Today I’m going to take a bit of a break from the never-ending stream of BC Seasonal Reviews to publish an actual article. Yes, what follows is a carefully researched original. I even called people and conducted interviews for this one, although sadly I could not locate my fedora & “press” tag in time to wear it.Pop quiz time: If I were to say “Cascadia” to you, what sort of beer would I be describing? Odds are that the vast majority of you just thought something like “Hop-forward” or “Cascadian Dark.” One of you, though, did not. One of you thought “Why, Steamworks’ Cascadia Cream Ale, of course!”That one person is Mr. Eli Gershkovitch, or as he’s better known in beer circles, The Guy Who Owns Steamworks. Not only does Mr. Gerschkovitch feel that the word “Cascadia” is irrevocably associated with his no longer brewed Cascadia Cream Ale, but he feels this so strongly that he’s contacting everyone else using the term or, more accurately, the somewhat-similar-but-not-actually-the-same term “Cascadian”.Yup, Eli is using his trademark for the term Cascadia Registration Number TMA669027, as applied to beer and beer-related wares, to send out a volley of calls warning of Cease & Desists to breweries that dared call their Cascadian Dark Ale a “Cascadian Dark Ale.”

via The Grinch Who Stole Cascadia at Barley Mowat.